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No milk in one boob

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Iammrsbeckham Mon 01-Dec-14 04:00:19

Milk seems to have disappeared from one boob. DS has alway preferred the other one but has always been able to get some. He last fed 4 hours ago and whilst feeding now, has been unable to get anything from it. It should have some there by now. He refuses to suckle or persevere with it! Any thoughts or advice?

squizita Mon 01-Dec-14 09:08:52

How old is ds?
Could it be something preventing the suckle (eg a sore lip) one side rather than the milk iyswim? So maybe some is in there but he's finding it uncomfortable to get it out?

You could try ringing a helpline as milk drying up in 4 hours sounds like something you could get help with.
Good luck!

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