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Why do I suddenly have a leaky boob when doing nightfeeds at 7.5months?

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curlyLJ Sun 30-Nov-14 14:46:43

I BF exclusively up until 6.5m and for the last month have been giving 1 bottle of FF a day (my supply settled after a few days) to enable me to get out and about, but now all of a sudden I am leaking, mainly from the right boob but ONLY when feeding on the left during the night... at all other times it's fine.

DD still wakes up twice between 7.30&7.30 <sigh> to feed and a couple of times over the last week I noticed a bit of dampness on one side whilst sitting up feeding (don't like feeding lying down) but last night i was absolutely soaked all of a sudden confused and it went through my top and soaked DD's sleeping bag.

Why would this start happening now? I have never really had leaky boobs at all, even right at the beginning when establishing BF, so I don't get why it's happening now. Anyone got any ideas?

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