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Hiccups and wind at night- 2 week old

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barmybunting Sat 29-Nov-14 22:29:29

DD is 2 weeks old, and generally cluster feeds from about 6pm-11pm. She is ebf and feeding well. I have taken her to bed at about 9.30pm the last few nights to feed lying down, but she has started to grumble and grunt unhappily when I try to feed her. She ends up with hiccups or very windy with night feeds.

Any suggestions on what I can do to help her settle the wind/hiccups at all? Thanks!

Missus2ndwife Sun 30-Nov-14 03:53:07

Hiccups are very normal whilst their digestive systems are still developing. You may want to introduce Infacol to help with the wind or look at what you're eating which could be affecting your milk eg eating onions could cause wind or dairy products equal intolerances

Mamab33 Sun 30-Nov-14 04:35:17

If they sound like wet hiccups or she is in a lot of pain speak to your GP. It may be reflux.

barmybunting Sun 30-Nov-14 06:27:10

Thanks missus, that is a good point about what I am eating. I will look at infacol and see the gp if it continues.

MsSampson Sun 30-Nov-14 06:46:34

You may find that it's the lying down that's an issue - DD was very happy being fed like that, but DS tends to choke and get windier which is very annoying as it's so convenient! I have to have him a bit more propped up.

LittleRedDinosaur Sun 30-Nov-14 07:03:46

DS is 3 weeks old now and gets like that with lying down feeding. It's a pain! It was a life save with DD. I remember this being a bad few weeks for wind though so hopefully it will just get better over the next few weeks?

barmybunting Sun 30-Nov-14 08:33:24

I did wonder if the lying down might be part of the problem. Shame as it is so handy to doze and catch up on some sleep as she does! I think I need to find a new way to prop us both up a bit more but still doze if possible.

firsttimemumma2014 Wed 03-Dec-14 15:36:31

Definitely try to feed more propped up. I feed my DS with his legs straddled over mine so he's properly sitting up. Bit of a pain at nighttime feeds as it takes more effort but it has really helped his wind.

I use Dentinox Colic Drops rather than Infracol and this works better for him. I do bicycle legs with him in the day and especially after feeds when I can - this definitely helps move some of the wind down (lovely!).

Mine is 7 weeks old now and his wind is getting much better than it was at 2 weeks. I'm sure yours will improve too. Good luck!

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