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Suddenly feeding less.

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ToTheMoonAndStars Sat 29-Nov-14 16:52:18

My DS is almost 10 weeks old and is EBF. He usually feeds every 2/2.5 hours in the day and anything from 3-5 hours at night.

Up until yesterday he took anywhere between 20 - 40 minutes to feed. Today and yesterday however he's pulled himself off after 7-10 minutes. I've given him a while to see if he wants to burp and then go back on. He doesn't!

I know that they get more efficient as they get older, but I wasn't expecting it to happen overnight. Is that usual? He drained a 4 oz bottle earlier in about 5 minutes, but bottles are easier, aren't they?

At the same time, I know my supply has finally settled down over the past week. I don't feel engorged between feeds. I don't leak much anymore and my let down doesn't spray quite a much as before!

Are the two things maybe linked? Do I just carry on as normal? I only offer one breast as this has generally been enough and only offer the second if he's not satisfied. He seems pretty happy and his nappies so far are normal.

rubyslippers Sat 29-Nov-14 16:58:51

it sounds like your supply is settling and he is becoming a better feeder

is he alert and happy in his awake time - plenty of wet and dirty nappies?

if so, all sounds ok

FATEdestiny Sat 29-Nov-14 17:13:26

Sounds like she's just more efficient.

My ebf DD is 9 weeks and has recently started going longer between feeds. I put this down to the same thing.

squizita Sat 29-Nov-14 17:28:05

My dd did this at about 7 weeks but wet and dirty nappies have not changed. It can't come out if it hasn't got in!! smile So if his nappies are similar he is just eating more quickly.
I've noticed they do make overnight leaps in skill - must be the same with eating!

ToTheMoonAndStars Sat 29-Nov-14 19:02:58

ruby oh yes, he's very alert!

fate I'd love him to go longer between feeds but I think he's pretty set in his ways with length between feeds.

squizita I've noticed that too. I find it incredible how suddenly they just change. You are right, I guess this is probably the same.

Sounds like its normal then. I guess if he wasn't having the milk I'd feel very full, he'd be crying for food and he wouldn't be having dirty nappies.

10 minute feeds are much easier than 20 minutes :-)

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