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12 Month old NOT eating!!

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TheJourney22 Sat 29-Nov-14 12:02:44

Literally gone from 3 meals a day to ZERO!

Won't touch a thing, the occasional yoghurt & fruit purée.

Have tried everything .... Pouches, Homecooked Stuff, Shit Stuff, finger foods.

This has been 5 weeks now, taking him to be weighed next week & if he's lost weight then HV will take it further.

But DS will firmly shut his mouth at everything, even if I just leave him to it or try & force feed him like a goose getting ready to be fois grois!

Anyone else any experiences of his .... It's driving me effing nuts!!!!! confusedconfused

I've been told NOT to up his milk as this creates a bad habit.

HELP or ride it out ?!?!

gamerchick Sun 30-Nov-14 10:19:14

Awful awful thing when they won't eat... It hurts our instincts to feed them.

Vitamin drops and fish oils I did and tbh I would allow a lot of milk. They control so little stuff in their life and he will be seeing you stressing over it.

Put him in his highchair and dump some finger foods on the tray and don't watch or encourage him to eat. if he's not getting attention for it he might just eat absent minded. If he doesn't touch it just take it away without comment.

TheJourney22 Sun 30-Nov-14 14:13:41

Perfect advise ... Thank you smile


How many times should a b f baby feed if they're not having any solids (or barely any)?
Struggling to get my 10 month old to eat solids. I kind of know it's cos she's not hungry as I b f her to sleep, then as and when during the night- usually 3 times.
I tried skipping afternoon b f but she just seems to hold out til bedtime then. I b f first thing in morning and then mid morning. I'm back to work in a month so seriously worried about what she'll do for food all day ( and worried she'll keep me up b f ing all night!!)
She will take water from beaker and bit of milk if she's thirsty.
All other babies I know seem keen on their 3,meals but not mine!
Help please!

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