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possibly dumb question about cluster feeding

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omama Fri 28-Nov-14 20:15:59

When babies cluster feed, I realise they feed more frequently than usual, but do they usually feed for the same length of time as usual too?

DD (9 days old) was born 3 weeks early due to preeclampsia, had rough start to bf with complete refusal, then been in nicu for jaundice treatment for last 4 days, where we have received lots of support & finally got her breastfeeding. We came home today.

She has had a few good feeds of 15-20mins duration at approx 3 hourly intervals, but in the last 24hrs has been bobbing on & off the breast, suckling for 5-10mins tops before nodding off then waking 30mins-1hr later & repeat. This goes on for several hours then she might sleep for a couple of hours & it starts again.

Is this her cluster feeding? Or does it sound more like she isn't feeding very effectively & so waking up to try & get what she didnt finish at the previous feed?

addictedtosugar Fri 28-Nov-14 20:44:10

I think if it were me, I'd try to disturb DD when she nods off - stroke her foot for example, and offer her the other side. Or take a layer off to cool her down if shes warmish

For us, DS1 would literally just feed, and feed and feed - I'd spend all evening with boob out (3-4 hrs). Not sure if that was normal or not. DS2 didn't feed for as long - all feeds were shorter, evenings were easier, and he slept better infact newborn DS2 slept better than his older brother aged 2

Congrats on your new baby thanks

Scotmum83 Fri 28-Nov-14 21:49:20

My lg would feed for 3 hours or more going back and forth on each boob! pretty exhausted by the time she fell asleep. It didn't last too long though she's four months now and hasn't cluster fed since about 12 wks.

squizita Sat 29-Nov-14 10:46:41

I find mine will feed for comfort like this.

She will also drop off when tired. Try blowing gently on her or stroking her hand/face to wake her. I also slightly move her - like a mm or so- which reminds her where she is and she sucks again.

But if I'm at home watching TV I let her go little and often now and then. Other times she feeds quickly so I know she can! She finds it soothing and it makes for a more rested baby if I go with the flow a bit.

squizita Sat 29-Nov-14 10:50:30

...Mine clusters evening time, used to be drowsy. Now feeds intently for 15 min or so, plays 10-20, then back on! Actually worse in terms of picking up and the old back than long lazy feeds.
She's tiny for a full term so hcp have given her the once over and said she feeds very well and is well hydrated and I should go with the flow.

But it's SO hard to know and not worry isn't it!

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