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Is this amount of vomit normal?

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Littlebagoflaughter Thu 27-Nov-14 14:53:14

Ds1 was a sicky baby so I'm used to a certain amount but the past couple of days ds2 who is now 16 days old has been throwing up a huge amount after each feed, I just had to have a bath because he threw up so much over me! He's ebf and fine in himself otherwise, the vomiting is only after each feed. I don't think it's leaving him hungry as he is settled in between feeds and sleeping well at night. He does like to suck for comfort so I did wonder if he's feeding even when full and throwing up because he's too full (my mum says I used to do this). Health visitor is coming tomorrow so I will ask them but just thought I'd consult the wisdom of mumsnet.

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