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Can I bake and not slow cook fruit/veg/meat for my baby?

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MissK16 Thu 27-Nov-14 12:24:07

I don't have a slow cooker, and I think baked food tastes better than steamed/boiled food. Will baked food harm DS? He's almost 5 months, I want to give him his first food when he's 6 months.
Thank you!

farendofafart Thu 27-Nov-14 12:26:16

As long as it's cooked through and you don't add salt, the cooking method doesn't matter at all.

MissK16 Sat 29-Nov-14 19:27:43

Thank you!

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Sat 29-Nov-14 19:46:39

They can eat anything at all from 6mo except nuts and honey.

Read the Baby Led Weaning book - even if you don't follow it, it will help you relax about what your baby will manage smile

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