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Switching to formula (but only for a few weeks)

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Roxie85 Thu 27-Nov-14 08:35:34

My little girl has just turned 11 months old and at the start of December I plan to stop breastfeeding. I have a bit of expressed milk in the freezer that will last a few days and then we plan to give formula until she turns 1 on Xmas eve. I know it seems silly stopping bf just before she turns one but I want to get my boobs back and feel ready to stop. I made it to over 11 months so I'm happy with that.
Anyway I have no idea what to get formula wise. We want the powder stuff but do we get the infant 1st stage stuff that they have from birth or do we get the follow on stuff.
We plan to start her on whole milk after her first birthday so formula won't be for long.
She has a good appetite solids wise and only has milk morning and before bed (no idea how much though so don't know what she should be having from a bottle at this age)

PotteringAlong Thu 27-Nov-14 08:38:53

I'd just miss out the formula and move her onto cows milk. Does she have it in her diet already with no problems?

Roxie85 Thu 27-Nov-14 08:59:30

She has it heated and cooled in her weetabix everyday with no issues. Although it did take her digestive system a good few months to not get constipated with solids.

NickyEds Thu 27-Nov-14 11:20:58

I'd just wait maybe a week then go to cows milk. We're making the swap a tiny bit early (Ds is 1 on the 22nd and I'm thinking a week before that) one feed at a time. i know it sounds a bit off but it will be easier when we're staying with family to use cows milk and I'm doing it a bit early as I don't want him to have tummy ache over Christmas, so we'll do it gradually a bit before and see how we get on.How many feed does she have?
If you decide to go with formula I'd go with the first stage from birth. There's no need for follow on milk at all, in fact if she's had problems with constipation in the past it may make it worse.

Haribolover Thu 27-Nov-14 21:33:38

We switched to cows milk 2 weeks before DDs first birthday. Didn't want her to like formula and then not cows milk, even if shed been having it on cereal. Worked fine and no issues with the switch.

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