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Any breastfeeding mums with suffering skin?..

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littleraysofsunshine Wed 26-Nov-14 21:30:57


Allstoppedup Wed 26-Nov-14 21:35:58

I've had itchy red rash the whole time I've been feeding DS. Never had sensitive skin before but had PEP rash when pregnant.


LimesMum Wed 26-Nov-14 23:13:50

The skin on my arms has been horrendous, all lumpy bumpy, ever since starting breastfeeding

NotTodaySatan Wed 26-Nov-14 23:15:15

I have recurring spots on my chin and jawline angry . They just won't go away.

On the upside the fat is dropping off me <<clutches straw>>

SellMySoulForSomeSleep Thu 27-Nov-14 00:01:41

Very dry skin here. my HV said to keep taking the pregnancy vitamins. My hair is falling out in clumps as well. I am looking rough! sad

callamia Thu 27-Nov-14 00:02:32

same as NotToday. DS is 13 mo, and I'm still lighter than ever before. My skin is bloody awful though. Weather, colds, being drained by a hungry toddler, not enough sleep - all contributing factors.

cogitosum Thu 27-Nov-14 00:04:04


ahem anyway yes have slightly peppered chin.

squizita Thu 27-Nov-14 11:59:27

I have hives. Apparently BFIng can make skin very sensitive.

callamia Thu 27-Nov-14 21:57:06

I've been out today and bought some decent mineral make-up. If I can't make my skin better, I might as well make a good job of covering it. I figure it's hormone-based, so there's not a great deal that I can do is there?

Cogito, do you want to borrow my DS? - I think he has sucked the actual soul out of me.

Heatherbell1978 Sat 29-Nov-14 10:55:01

Yeah I've got really bumpy skin on my elbows and quite a few wee pimples on my face. As I'm quite pale and haven't slept for ooh 14 weeks now....I stay looking human by using tanning moisturisers. They're subtle enough that I don't look like an orange but give me a bit of colour and hide the bad skin a bit too.

squizita Sat 29-Nov-14 12:27:30

Ugh I look like mosquito bait but it's all hormonal. Soon itchy. Thank goodness it's winter and I can cover it up.
I know it's not insects because I hardly go out and baby/dh are smooth and fresh!

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