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Introducing expressed feeds

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TwigletFiend Wed 26-Nov-14 08:43:37

Hi, my DD is nearly 2 weeks old and is my first baby. Currently breastfed and doing very well - back to birth weight by day 10, no issues with latch etc. In a couple of weeks time I would like to start expressing and introducing a bottle so that other people can feed her, but I don't know where to start!

What equipment will I need? How much milk constitutes enough for a feed? When is the best time to express?

Sorry for all the questions! Any advice, anecdotes or information would be much appreciated.

dreamingofwineandcheese Wed 26-Nov-14 09:42:07

Congratulations on your DD thanks

I would suggest getting an electric pump if you are planning on expressing regularly. I try to express first thing in the morning, I tend to get about 5oz if I do that but this varies massively from person to person. With my previous DC I couldn't pump much at all. DD is 10 weeks but she doesn't really take a bottle she cries and cries so I'm leaving it for a few weeks. She took a bottle at about 5 weeks with no issue but a week later refused. I would recommend starting sooner rather than later if you are not having feeding issues as otherwise it seems to be a struggle!

I would highly recommend MAM bottles, with DS they were the only ones he would drink from until he was about 8 months!

dreamingofwineandcheese Wed 26-Nov-14 09:44:56

I meant to add it's probably only worth trying with a couple of ounces at a time when they are so little. Then you can see how much they will need to feel satisfied. It also means you are not wasting it if baby doesn't want it all or refuses to feed.

squizita Wed 26-Nov-14 10:03:24

Yes my 2 month old happily drinks from a bloody expensive bottle but only in quick 2 oz portions. We learned this to our expense when she'd turn her nose up at more, which having been warmed couldn't be re hea ted. Instead of 4 or 5 oz every 2/3 hours from the breast she takes 2 oz hourly. Try paced bottle feeding (search youtube) which helps them take more, and slower. My dd is a gulped even at the breast and won't play ball with paced, so she eats little and often!
Breast milk storage pots (baby food pots will do) are a godsend so you pour what you need.
A quick steam steriliser is useful.

Some babies like milk room temp, some like it hot. I use a bowl of hot water to warm mibe (old school) but if you're expressing a lot and lo like hot milk you could buy a warmer - never use a microwave, it's dangerous and I believe damages the milk.

My other tip would be buy ONE of any bottle you choose. Give it a day or two of "learning" before deciding whether they like it. Some like the big flat Tommy Tippee style bottles, others the smaller teats. One or two prefer really cheap soft own brand bottles lucky parents from boots!
But as bottles are pricy. .. don't buy loads then find they're the wrong kind.

I use lansinoh bottles and pump from Mothercare. A very comfortable pump and bottles work well for her.

Also try the milk cool, room temp and warm. Note which works best!

RozMac Wed 26-Nov-14 11:00:01

Try using breast shells which collect milk from one breast as you feed babe on the other. Both my daughters have used this method for their 3 offspring. In first few weeks they collected 2-3 oz milk each day which they used as bottle dreamfeed, both dads loved giving this feed. As babies required more more as they grew they made the transition to formula milk for this feed. No problems with so called 'nipple confusion'. In fact all 3 babies slept through quickly from 11pm to 4-5pm missing out the dreaded 2 pm feed! Both Boots and Mothercare stock cheap breast shells

moggle Wed 26-Nov-14 11:36:41

Thanks for starting this thread twig!
having had a Google during last night's feeds I think I'm going to get a manual pump to start with before paying for an electric one. Just want to look at steam vs cold water sterilisers now...

I'm still interested in whether I have to express again at the time of the missed feed (when the bottle is given) - just want to know so that I don't get carried away with ideas of 7 hrs uninterrupted sleep!!

RozMac Wed 26-Nov-14 11:59:44

My daughters didn't express at time of missed feed. At start of the process they were obviously more than ready to feed their babes for first feed of day as breasts were huge but this soon settled down as their bodies naturally adapted to supply and demand. This first feed was always very satisfying for mums and babies and made a great start to the day. My daughter in law did express using electric pump during night (which was always a bit weird to hear!) she would easily pump 5oz but this seemed to encourage even more milk supply and she eventually had a freezer full of surplus milk. She also didn't get the benefit of 6 hrs + of uninterrupted sleep and opportunity to 'give her breasts a rest'!

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