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Inconsistent bottle feeding

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vet272 Mon 24-Nov-14 17:26:23

10 week old taking feeds on demand. This can range from 2 1/2 hrs to 4 hrs. She takes from 3 to 5 1/2 ozs.
Can't get into any kind of routinise and nights are exhausting.
She also only poops every 3rd day, although gp said this is fine. I'm not so sure...

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 24-Nov-14 17:30:48

That's normal. The way to cope is to go to bed earlier. If you are in bed from 7pm until 8pm then in 13 hours somewhere you get our 8 right?

It doesn't last forever.

vet272 Mon 24-Nov-14 17:47:51

I have 5 birth children. All were breast fed. Early nights and late mornings are not an option

vet272 Mon 24-Nov-14 17:49:13

Meant to add this is a foster baby but don't know how to edit my original post

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 24-Nov-14 18:14:50

Not sure why early nights aren't an option. I have a big family too with the children close in age. Things have to get left and put on hold for sure but the only thing that would make it a bit more difficult perhaps is if you were a single parent. Are you?

I would expect having older children makes it easier to get more sleep as presumably having that many means by now some of them can feed themselves/each other, find stuff etc.?

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