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Mucus in poo - unsettled baby

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BabyHaribo Mon 24-Nov-14 13:43:54

DD has always been pretty unsettled, she had colic and cried most evenings until about 3 months.

She is ebf and over the last month I've noticed an increasing amount of mucus in her poo. She does sometimes seem uncomfortable before she goes for a poo. This morning (sorry TMI) but it looked like someone had blown their nose in her nappy!

Just wondered if this could be linked to my diet?

Last night she was so unsettled it was as of she just couldn't get comfy and yesterday I had a lot of dairy confused

nyldn Mon 24-Nov-14 21:46:43

interested in the coming responses.... I'm in the same situation with 3.5 mo DS. I really don't want to cut out dairy unnecessarily. he doesn't seem to have any other signs of intolerance. some patchy dry skin that is clearing up but not getting sick after feeds and his colic is subsiding.

BabyHaribo Tue 25-Nov-14 01:34:35

DD is quiet sick after feeding. She usually has to change at least once a day and sometimes so do I! Goodness knows how many bibs and muslins I go through shock

TeamEponine Tue 25-Nov-14 02:25:23

Sounds like it could be lactose intolerance. My DD has had this. She has colief with every feed and I've been dairy free for three weeks now. not desperate for chocolate at all It has made a difference to the explosive mucus poos and colic.

PragmaticWench Tue 25-Nov-14 03:31:22

Lactose intolerance is pretty rare in a baby but a allergy to cows milk protein is not unusual. If you consider going dairy-free you'll need to cut out all hidden sources of milk too. You should also be taking a calcium supplement and vitamin D, which your doctor can prescribe. Might be worth telling them what you're doing as they may want to refer you to a dietician.

PragmaticWench Tue 25-Nov-14 03:31:57


PragmaticWench Tue 25-Nov-14 03:33:48

Oh, and it can take several weeks to clear the milk proteins from your breast milk.

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