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5 and a half months, return of cluster feeding? Please advise.

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SellMySoulForSomeSleep Mon 24-Nov-14 00:06:08

So my Pfb is 6 months in 2 weeks. She is EBF as won't really take a bottle. Its very hard work and I just can't be arsed.
Her sleep is pretty bad. She has done 5 hours a couple of times but it's mainly 3-4 hours.
She has been teething, really red cheeks chomping everything in sight etc and her poo has gone really green. My SIL said that's a sign of teething.
Every night is a battle to get her to sleep. For the last week or so she has fed and fed in the evening to the point that my nipples hurt and I feel totally empty. She doesn't get that "milk drunk" thing anymore.
I've started her on a bit of baby porridge and given her a few bits of veg to suck on but that doesn't seem to help and she doesn't seem bothered and clamps her mouth closed. She will put things in her mouth but doesn't gum them. Just feels them and chucks it across the room.

When she doesn't want to feed she is so strong arching herself away that I can't make her but it never gets to that point in the evening.

So my question(s) are:
Is she normal?
Is it time to really jump in with the weaning even though she doesn't really want to?
Should I be worried about the bright green poo as it's every nappy?

Thanks. Any advice or info would be great. I'm a worrier by nature so I can't help thinking she is going hungry. She has a weigh in this week so hopefully that will give me reassurance that I'm doing ok.
Thanks again.

Hedgehogging Mon 24-Nov-14 15:04:30

My DD went through an absolute feeding frenzy just before turning 6 months.

I'd been expressing a bottle a morning for her while I was at work and had to up it to 2 bottles for a while despite giving her some solids too.

I read that they get way more calories from the milk in the early months of weaning so that's what they need during a growth spurt.

In terms of the solids I'd be led by her- offer casually every so often and she'll gradually start to explore, but the milk is her main fuel for now so no rush.

Not sure re the green poo but DD cut her first teeth at 4 months and her nappies were seriously impressive- poonami central!

SellMySoulForSomeSleep Mon 24-Nov-14 20:51:22

Thanks for your reply, flowers Seems quite normal then

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