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Discretely using nipple shields: any tips?

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happypotamus Sun 23-Nov-14 10:57:51

i am feeding 4 week old DD using nipple shields, which is fine, great after our terrible start to breastfeeding. However, attaching the shield to me and then latching her on is such a faff (the shield repeatedly drops off or she knocks it off and I can't get it on under my top without exposing my whole breast) that I cannot work out how I could do it discretely when out of the house. I know it is possible because I used them with my older child 3yrs ago, but can' t remember now. Has anyone got any tips or is it just a case of practising?

LastOneDancing Sun 23-Nov-14 11:21:10

I used shields for 5 months until my DS decided he no longer wished to use them!
I struggled to be discreet and use shields so ended up just putting them on.
Generally I used the one up, one down best method and put the shield on first (pull down inner vest, reach under the top and look down the neck hole). But, if anyone saw a bit of boob as he pulled off repeatedly, shield slipped etc - tough.

As you say, with practice it will get quicker and easier, but while I'm forever grateful for shields, id advise to keep trying without as it is 100x more convenient once they get the hang of it smile

happypotamus Sun 23-Nov-14 11:49:53

Thanks. Somehow it had not occurred to me to try putting it on down the neck of my top rather than lifting my top up. That worked better, at least on one occasion. Will keep practising. Was also planning on just going for it and trying not to care too much what other people might see, as we can't stay in forever/until she learns to manage without.

LastOneDancing Sun 23-Nov-14 12:07:18

Definitely go for it - the more blasé you are, the less people notice I think!

squizita Sun 23-Nov-14 13:21:41

My dd thrashes and gets distracted out and about.
I know it's not very "perfect proud breastfeeder" but when she is in that mood I have a palm and pond breastfeeding "apron" (like a scarf with a bra wire semicircle at the top to look down) which cost well under £10 and makes it all very easy. It cuts down on distraction for her as much as preventing boob flash!

quietlysuggests Sun 23-Nov-14 13:40:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheGirlAtTheRockShow Sun 23-Nov-14 18:53:09

Agree the layering is best with shields. Nearly 5 months in and I can do it without even looking now! Just go by feel. Specific nursing tops aren't great when using shields I find.

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