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Should I introduce a bedtime bottle

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BananaLeaf Sun 23-Nov-14 10:11:23

11mo DD has been pretty much EBF. Has formula out of cup and straw at meals and will have 2-3 oz out of a bottle but not reliably.
I do a BF after her bath in the evening then put her to bed. If she then cries after that I go up as it got to the stage where if DH went up she'd just cry louder until I went up.
I want to remove the dependency on me putting her to bed, and having to be in all evening in case she cries.
So this weekend I have moved the final bf forward to before bath, so that the association of feeding to sleep/me putting her to bed can cease. Then DH gives her bath as usual reads a story then puts her to bed.
It's just she doesn't really calm down after her bath. The story seems to excite her as she wants to grab the book and play with it, he cuddles her a bit then puts her down but she did cry for a while. She wasn't really interested in the bf before the bath so I'm hoping she's still getting enough milk.

He tried a bottle the first night but she just played with it, then I thought do we really want to introduce a bedtime bottle at 11mo when the advice is to wean off bottle by 12mo?

mrsmugoo Sun 23-Nov-14 13:52:17

My 8 month old begrudgingly drinks formula (readymixed only, the little monster!) from a soft spout sippy cup (avent is the brand). It's a half way house between a bottle and a cup in my opinion. As he's never taken a bottle, it works for us as I was getting desperate for a solution as I'm back at work now.

I have tried to give this at bedtime for all the same reasons you said but he won't even have it near him!

Maybe try the soft spout cup?

BananaLeaf Sun 23-Nov-14 15:52:30

Hi mrs yes she will only have ready mixed as well haha! I guess I mean the concept of a bottle or cup before bed at all - what age would they go to bed without a drink of milk directly beforehand?

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