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Trapped wind? Colic? Reflux? Silent reflux?

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flipflopsonfifthavenue Sat 22-Nov-14 07:17:10

Could someone give me a crash course in what the difference is between all these things and what you can do to help them?

DS2 is 2 weeks old and ebf. He gulps his milk down and towards the end of his feed he sort of grunts and whimpers and brings his knees up to his chest and sort of rolls up in a ball.

He often seems uncomfortable afterwards and although I can usually get a burp out of him, if I then put him down in his Moses he starts crying and pumping his legs and arms and grimacing etc.

Occasionally he'll wake from a nap and screw himself up and cry out and then that's usually followed by a fart or a poo or a burp.

It seems to be worse at nighttime and at the moment I can only settle him if he's asleep on me or by bfing to sleep lying down. Haven't been able to transfer to his basket last few nights a she just wakes and cries and looks uncomfortable.

My feeling is that it's trapped wind but reading on line the symptoms for all these things seem to be so similar it's difficult to know what's what.

Thanks for any help

tiktok Sat 22-Nov-14 09:14:24

It might be none of those things. It sounds to me that the most likely reason for him a preparing unhappy, unsettled and squirmy at this very young age is that he wants to be close to you. This is normal. Two weeks ago he was inside you smile

Responding to him, as you are doing, by feeding or cuddling, is absolutely fine. He may well burp etc, but babies do this all the time anyway, and some of the apparent wind he has may be the result, not the cause, of his crying.

tiktok Sat 22-Nov-14 09:15:13

A preparing = appearing

CrackedNipplesSuchFun Sat 22-Nov-14 09:41:09

Hi OP. I could have written the exact same thing! DS is 3 weeks and doing this too. Last night was an eventful night to say the least. Every time he feel asleep on me I would put him into his moses basket and then he'd grizzle a nd grunt, bring his legs up and bang, wide awake!

I hope tiktok you are right and its closeness related as I'd hate to think hes in lots of pain.

tiktok Sat 22-Nov-14 10:30:32

It is so very common for babies to respond to being alone and needing connection to show discomfort (not physical pain but discomfort nonetheless) either by crying or squirming or staying awake. This is hard wired into human behaviour smile

Actually the squirming and wriggling, without actual signs of pain, is probably the baby's very young body and digestive system and lack of control, rather than anything else.

Bellyrub1980 Sat 22-Nov-14 16:35:37

You've described my baby!

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