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Breastfeeding & Diazepam/Naproxen

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onionchildren Fri 21-Nov-14 09:46:25

I had chronic backache on Sunday night and ended up having to call an ambulance as I literally couldn't move from the bathroom. Took an hour to get downstairs into the ambulance...

DD is 3.2 and still breastfeeds 3/4 times a day. Not much really apart from first thing but we both still enjoy and it helps with tears/tantrums & illness etc.

I've had to take Diazepam, Naproxen, codeine & paracetamols to control the back pain which is now beginning to ease. Having rung the pharmacist who double checked for me I realise I can't restart breastfeeding for at least a week after taking the last pills (diazepam & Naproxen), i.e. next Wednesday.

This morning my DD has a high temperature and won't eat and has only had a couple of sips of water. Normally bf would have filled in the gaps.

I am utterly heartbroken and cannot stop crying. Please tell me I'm being daft and she'll be fine. I just didn't want our bf journey to end this way...

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