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From boob to cup...

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gizmosmama Wed 19-Nov-14 15:35:49

DS is almost 10 months and we've decided the time is right to move on from breastfeeding. I've tried a million different cups and beakers but LO just doesn't seem to want it. I've been 'trying' (all be it weakly!) for a couple of weeks now with no sign of DS coming round, he's still firmly attached to the boob! Should I be being more persistent? Is he learning that if he resists the cup, the boob eventually comes?

Singsongmama Wed 19-Nov-14 20:37:13

Hi, my ds is 10 months old and in the past month has been weaned onto sippy cup during the day (woo hoo!) I thought it would be an almighty battle but it was ok. There were times when he was clingy and head butting me all over as he clamoured at me but he was distracted fairly easily. Once my supply settled and my boobs weren't sore it was easy sailing! He learned to drink more and more every day and now manages really well with his cup. (First days he only took 40-50ml and a few weeks in he now takes 200ml approx per feed.)

I followed HV advice and dropped one feed every 3/4 days. I started with the mid morning feed and offered him his sippy with milk and if he didn't drink it then he had to wait til next feed time. (No boob back up!) Then I swapped the afternoon feed then the lunchtime one then finally the early morning one. He still gets bedtime and 1 night feed but that's huge progress on EBF.

I honestly felt like I was taking back control. And Ds is just as happy and bubbly and I now don't need to give him vitamin and iron drops as it is all in his follow on milK.

Just try to drop one feed and see how you go. Do it gradually so you, your baby and your boobs can adjust!!

Good luck.

gizmosmama Thu 20-Nov-14 16:02:51

Thank you so much Singsongmama, that's really helpful. We'll start with the new plan tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Singsongmama Thu 20-Nov-14 18:32:37

smile Let me know how you get on. I (mentally) gave myself 4 weeks to wean from daytime feeds and was clear by then. Now for night time.... sad and confused.

Good luck.

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