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Anyone used an SNS?

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mrsjohno Wed 19-Nov-14 10:02:35


I posted last week about DD2's problems with posterior tongue tie, a very weak and disorganised suck and often just too darn tired to try to breastfeed beyond one small letdown.

Several suggested an sns which I had tried with little success. However, now at 6 weeks I can see her way of feeding is adapting to just being fed from a fast flow bottle (she can't manage anything like a calma) even though the bottles make her unhappy (windy, choking etc) and, determined to salvage our bf relationship if I can, have begun trying to use the sns.

Has anyone used one successfully? If so, (a) how do you get a good latch and get the ruddy tube in at the same time? And (b) more often than not I need to constantly squeeze the bottle to keep her feding as her suck not even strong enough to suction on the tube. Surely this isn't teaching her to suck any better than on the bottle (though it does have the advantage of using her jaw more/ the lovely aspects of full body hug when on breast etc)

Any advice gratefully received - feeling very down about it all and just can't imagine ever getting to a proper bf relationship (or leaving the house as the sns isn't exactly conducive to getting out and about ... )

TheysayIamparanoid Wed 19-Nov-14 22:48:25

my daughter had this with my DGC and she had to have the tongue tie snipped privately as the nhs doctor didn't see it as a problem.

They fed straight afterwards and were ebf with no problems afterwards.
They thrived once it was fixed!

I'll pm you the organisation details if you'd like

TheysayIamparanoid Wed 19-Nov-14 22:53:20

Sorry for the useless advice, just seen your other thread blush

mrsjohno Thu 20-Nov-14 07:32:08

Don't apologise - I was hoping we'd be in the post-tongue-tie-division-voracious-feeder camp too, but for some reason we're not sad

McBaby Thu 20-Nov-14 08:28:55

When was TT clipped? Did nursing improve at all? If not get it checked again to ensure it was cut fully and has not re grown.

We had to have 4 TT cuts before we had no re growth and it was fully cut.

mrsjohno Thu 20-Nov-14 11:12:41

TT was clipped at 3 weeks when she was on 25th centile (born at 50th), week after she went down to 9th and was difficult to wake so took to gp, sent to a&e where they admitted her, tube fed her and got her onto bottles where we've been stuck for last 3 weeks. She's more awake and stronger now (though has a tiny appetite - know this could just be her) Had TT checked by two IBCLCs who both said hadn't reattached. So confused. Keep thinking will go cold turkey on the bottles and see what she does but terrified will have another too tired to feed episode.

Did you have to supplement while TTs being sorted? If so how did you wean off?

McBaby Thu 20-Nov-14 21:44:14

I didn't have to supplement as my baby couldn't coordinate sucking to take a bottle and due to me having an over supply of milk she could get milk from me with out sucking.

We started on 98th and dropped to 50th and at over 2 she is still at 50th.

mrsjohno Thu 20-Nov-14 23:28:33

Yes we had similar with bottle which led to being tube fed and similar with oversupply tiding her over but mine regulated after two weeks as I'm still feeding my toddler so my boobies were clearly knackered! Guess she's still relearning and her suck getting stronger but having no luck getting her to flange lips or extend tongue when latching on. Did you have to do a lot of reteaching? Used to a toddler who gets on with it and am rubbish at guiding a small baby!

Sunflower1985 Sat 22-Nov-14 22:10:07

We successfully used an SNS for 6 months. Mine was a feeding tube just with one end in a regular bottle with a whole cut in the teat for the tube and to let the air in. I put it in a bag around my neck. Once ds started to suck it would naturally free flow unless I lowered the bottle to below his head height, as physics would expect. I would either latch him first then slip the tube in the corner of his mouth or in time rest it along side as he latched. It took practise. I gradually got down from top ups at every feed to two a day as my supply built.
Pitfalls: I used formula and some types would clog the tube, particularly comfort formula. The tube had to be further in his mouth that I first though, and above his tongue. Just warm soapy water to wash.
Out and about I'd rip the corner off a small formula carton and trail the tube from that - easy.
Hth but pm if questions.

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