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Pls Help me Wean boobymonster off!

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MrsWhirling Wed 19-Nov-14 08:48:07

Hi ladies, trying to wean 2yr old off boob. He is currently fed to sleep. I've been trying to wean him for a few days now and he just tantrums, cries 'booby, booobbbbyy!' any suggestions would be gratefully received. X

Pixighirl Wed 19-Nov-14 09:03:02

lol i came in here to see if there was any advice as i also have a 2 year old booby monster who still doesnt sleep through and has a paddy if he wakes up and im not there. so i feel your pain!

im hoping that one day he just decides he doesnt want it any more as he is very mature in all other areas, hes been toilet trained since he was 15 months old for example and walking since he was 10 months!

At the same time though i know ill be sad when he does actually stop.

us mummas cant win

MrsWhirling Thu 20-Nov-14 22:32:42

I've honestly had enough. He's got into the habit of pinching and kneading whilst his feeding which is annoying and painful!

PilchardsonToast Thu 20-Nov-14 22:50:07

This probably isn't great advice but I weaned my 2 yr old just two weeks ago. I started by dropping all daytime and bedtime feeds leaving only night time for about 3/4 weeks then he spent the night with my parents with breast no milk obviously and that was the end. he was a little bitcross with me but soon got over it! I'd been worrying for months about how upsetting he would find it,would he feel id rejected him,but actually he was annoyed with me and then moved on! He is spending a lot if time with his hand down my top which seems to be his new comfort so now I need to wean him off that!!

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