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tongue tie treatment at 4 months plus- any advice??

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Nessler Tue 18-Nov-14 20:18:42

DD has had reflux/bad wind, we had tried medication and the usual stuff (infacol etc). Went on full elimination diet, up all night bf and DD screaming at feeds in the day. Things got really bad and I noticed her latch was poor and had been for awhile.
Saw a private consultant who diagnosed posterior tie, which was missed by all NHS staff. Have been told that they can clip the tie. I have cried with relief and frustration that it took so long to get a diagnosis.
So...can any one now reassure me that we will get good results with DD now over 4 months old?

McBaby Tue 18-Nov-14 21:19:34

We had are final TT clipped at 6 months and we went on to feed to 14 months I was in agony feeding up to then. I also found cst really helped improve her tongue function and release the tension that had built up over the previous six months from not being able to use it properly.

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