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Sore areoles not nipples!

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joolee Wed 14-Apr-04 22:56:26

I am finding it extremely uncomfortable breastfeeding my ds (12 weeks) as he seems to have taken the skin off both areoles - ouch! They are now red and tender and I have been applying Lansinoh as much as possible. Although I have been more careful about his positioning it is doesn't seem to be healing. Worried that it won't get better until I stop breastfeeding. Does anyone have any advice/similar experiences?

goosey Wed 14-Apr-04 23:21:43

If it isn't healing then it could possibly be a thrush infection. I would try exposing your nipples to the air naturally whenever you can so that they dry, and if they don't start to improve soon then check with your doctor that there isn't a fungal infection there.

mears Thu 15-Apr-04 00:09:05

Soungs like thrush - you need an antifungal cream

Here is some info thrush

joolee Thu 15-Apr-04 19:57:40

Thanks never thought of that. Will now visit the doctor as it will probably need some sort of treatment apart from just using Lansinoh!

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