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How to get infant gaviscon into eBF 8 week old?

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MrsCaptainReynolds Sun 16-Nov-14 09:31:57

We're 2 days post discharge from the paeds ward where pylortic stenosis was ruled out with a scan. My DS's symptoms (vomiting, back arching, distress) have been put down to reflux and we've been given infant Gaviscon.

The past 2 days have now been some of the worst, largely because of the battle of trying to get the Gaviscon into him.

It's too large a volume at 15mls, and when we are (rarely) successful, it fills him up...which is a problem as his weight gain will suffer. But generally thats not an issue as we've failed to get it in him via spoon or syringe. I thought a supplementary nursing system might help but the paeds ward hadn't heard of these and even if I could get one I still have the problem of filling him up on this rather than milk.

Has anyone had success with this?

CountryMummy1 Sun 16-Nov-14 09:40:52

We had absolutely no success with infant Gaviscon for the reflux and neither did any of my friends. All it succeeded in doing with making DS constipated. My life was turned around by Cow and Gate carobel. You can buy it over the counter or online (and in prescription). However, you do need to express and bottle feed to use it so might be no good for you. It thickens the milk so it can't come back up causing reflux. Also medication called Omeprazole which stops acid being produced. You have to push for this as reflux is often dismissed as trivial when it's really not

Also, it could possibly be milk intolerance. Neocate formula is the best for this. Don't let them fob you off with other cheaper ones as they still contain some milk.

This combo stopped me handing my severely refluxy babies over to any random stranger grin

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