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Any tips for painful feeding while DD's top front teeth come through?

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GreenSunrise Sat 15-Nov-14 19:30:34

DD is 13 months, has had her 2 middle bottom teeth for a few months and, other than the odd bite, they didn't cause me any pain while feeding. One of her top middle teeth came through a couple of weeks ago and the other looks like it is about to pop through any day.

Feeding has been really painful since the first top one came through. She isn't biting me, it's more that she is grazing me with her new tooth. I have sore, hard bumps to the side of each nipple. I am not sure if I can improve things by changing her latch, and if so how or is this just something that I need to ride through until she gets used to her new teeth?

I am hoping that some of you wise ladies will have been through this and can give me some advice flowers

Shahrazad Sat 15-Nov-14 23:21:56

I can remember going through this with both of mine. I know we did a lot of unlatching and starting again, as I think we'd both got used to a fairly loose latch, and there was a bit of slipping, with the new teeth rubbing against me. I also made sure we changed feeding positions a lot - sometimes cradle, sometimes with DC sitting up in my lap, sometimes us both lying down. This seemed to help by changing the position of the latch with each feed, to help me toughen up/heal a bit.

Lansinoh is worth having - but it's much cheaper to buy a tub of purified lanolin from chemist/ ebay: same stuff but a tiny fraction of the price.

It was a tricky time but it must have worked out in the end, as both my DC were bf until they were 2 (DD1 2.7, DD2 2.10) and had full sets of teeth!

poocatcherchampion Sat 15-Nov-14 23:28:49

oh you will find a post of mine a couple of years ago with this problem. it did get better . changing position was best. baby bongela helped a bit.

it improved over time although when she was tired she used to slip her latch and I'd make her start again.

FlappertyFlippers Sat 15-Nov-14 23:31:14

I have found drinking a lot of gin acts as a good anaesthetic! grin Ds had his top teeth come through about a month ago. For 8 days it felt as if he has a mouth full of barbed wire/razor blades. Nothing really helped, except holding onto my boob and squeezing it into a different shape. Then on day 8, just as I was seriously considering weaning him suddenly he sorted out his latch himself and its no bother at all anymore

UterusUterusGhali Sat 15-Nov-14 23:32:41

I've found screeching like a banshee when she hurts you will soon stop any painful latch.
She wants to feed after all, and won't want to hurt you.

Lanisol is the bomb also.

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