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Feel like giving up and i feel guilty

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SmileAndNod Fri 14-Nov-14 17:01:17

I'm just so irritated by feeding at the minute. I'm so tired. I've been ill (sent to hospital last week) and I don't feel myself, I feel like I am falling apart. DD is faffing around at feeds and constantly fiddling with me (pinching, grabbing other boob) while she does. She's teething and waking (still) every couple of hours.

I just feel done and like I can't continue. But I wanted her to self wean, as her siblings did. I've been feeding for just over 7 years (with a couple of months break between children) and I'm exhausted. Trouble is I'm also feeling incredibly guilty that I'm even thinking this way. She's 16mo btw but I feel torn. And broken.

Jessbags001 Fri 14-Nov-14 19:18:47

I'd say by 16months you can go whichever way you want without any need to feel guilty. She's had a good long stint of breastfeeding, which you can feel great about.

If you feel ready to stop, do it. Plus, you're own wellbeing and sanity will also have a positive effect on her, if it's a 'not doing the best by her' sort of thing that you're feeling bad about. But if you think you'll regret it a few weeks down the line when you're felling more yourself, then maybe hold out and reassess at the start of Dec.

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