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Anyone else using nipple shields?

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sophielouise Wed 12-Nov-14 07:17:26

I'm (trying to) EBF my 3 week old DD, but have one severely inverted nipple which she can only latch onto using a shield. Up until the last few days I was sure that the supply on that side was equal to the other side but now it feels like she's not getting much from that side. I was wondering whether to start pumping again but don't want to end up engorged. She is only gaining weight slowly and cluster feeding like a pro so she must be hungry. I have a 3 year old DD who I EBF for a year but my nipple worked ok back then for some reason! I am finding it hard and considering mixed feeding to supplement one side only. I have heard its possible to only feed from one side but I'm not sure it will be enough... Anyone else had experience of this? X

SASASI Wed 12-Nov-14 23:19:11

I used nipple shields until 8 weeks & found consistent feeding brought my nipples out so was able to wean off (although DS had severe tongue tie too which is why on nipple shields to begin). Nipple shields also make feeding times longer so say double the feeding time of breast on shield.

Can you express just before a feed to bring nipple out? Or lanisoh latch assist thingy? Or some good old nipple tweaking?

I expressed regularly when using shields to stop any blockages etc - FX I'm at 12 weeks now & havnt had any issues.

sophielouise Thu 13-Nov-14 10:31:09

Thanks for your reply. Yes I've been using the latch assist, and tweaking lots but it's quite stubborn. Sometimes she can latch on after the shield has been on for a bit, but not always as it tends to pop back in again quite often! Thanks for the advice re. Feeding times, I wasn't aware of this. She does tend to feed more quickly on that side, so maybe that's an indication of lower milk supply because I've not been doing it for long enough. Off to express now!

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