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Does forceful letdown ever resolve?

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stargirl1701 Mon 10-Nov-14 22:01:41

12 weeks in to breastfeeding DD2. I have forceful letdown and oversupply. I'm up to just over 6 hours on block feeding. The right breast seems to be 'normal'. It stays soft and the letdown is fine.

The left is still becoming engorged and then feeling drained after feeding as it would in the first six weeks of a normal breastfeeding experience. The letdown spray has reduced from 1 metre to about 10cm over the last 6 weeks. DD2 is coping during the day but not when she is tired. I switched at 9pm and she's attempted to feed for the last hour. The milk is all over her face and hair as well as in her ear. The bed sheets and towel are soaked (she can only feed from the left lying down). And, she is distraught. She is tired and wants to feed to sleep but the milk force is simply too much.

Is this ever going to go? I had thought it might by 12 weeks. I am finding bf so, so hard. Far harder than ff with DD1. I feel like I'm hanging on in there for a miracle.

McBaby Tue 11-Nov-14 03:13:42

It does settle down. You are only supposed to block feed for a day or so as you are deliberately causing engorgment to reduce your supply. You may find if you go back to feeding one side per feed it settles down a bit.

At 7 months I still have a forceful letdown but she copes with it. It she piss of it still sprays 30cm or more.

Heatherbell1978 Tue 11-Nov-14 07:46:38

12 wks in here too and mine has settled down completely to the point my boobs are really soft and I'm worried about supply! I'm now faced with the issue that DS1 is getting cranky and impatient waiting for letdown and as he has the odd bottle, has decided he prefers I'm back to basics a bit with feeding. If it's not one thing....

leedy Tue 11-Nov-14 21:38:26

Mine settled down around 3 months both times - combination of let-down calming down a bit and baby getting used to the faster flow.

stargirl1701 Tue 11-Nov-14 21:47:58

Block feeding is one side per feed. I am trying to reduce my supply - by at least half, if not more. I have been block feeding for weeks now. It has sorted out the right but the left...gah!

Do I push on to 7 hours per side? I know from discussing this with my LLL leader, some women need to get to 12 hours per side before their breasts adjust to supply and demand.

mrsmilkymoo Wed 12-Nov-14 09:25:12

I am 14 weeks in and it's definitely improved a lot - the right boob is a dream to feed from, although the left can still make dd splutter a bit, particularly first thing in the morning. But it's at the point where I can use a terry or a muslin to catch the excess now rather than needing a nearby mug to collect the initial forceful spray, and I don't end up needing to change my clothes after a feed!

Heather, I think it's normal for your boobs to get soft, mine did the same, and I panicked and googled, but apparently it's just your body adjusting to the demands of your baby. DD seems to be getting enough milk still, and in fact is spending a little less time feeding than she did before, so I think it's nothing to worry about.

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