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Very sicky baby?

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ToTheMoonAndStars Mon 10-Nov-14 18:36:52

I'm a FTM so this might all be very normal, I don't know!! Reassurance required :-)

DS is 7 weeks, he's ebf and it's going well so far. However, for the past week or so he's been spitting up a lot of 'cottage cheese' sick after most feeds.

Until he's bought it up he can seem quite uncomfortable. He'll grizzle and squeal and grimace. We get the odd shrill cry which makes me think he might occasionally be in pain.

He has been putting on weight like a trooper, so he's getting enough for sure. He feeds every 2/3 hours in the day. He used to feed for 20/25 mins but recently started going for 35/40 minutes!! Is he just taking too much milk now? (I know bf babies can't be over fed but I assume excess just. Gets spat up)

Would it be an idea if I were to start taking him off after 20 minutes to burp him and see if he'll go back on?

I have a really strong letdown. If he comes off, the milk sprays all over the place!! Does that have anything to do with it?

Just very tiring to be feeding so long and then have 45 mins of spitting up afterwards!! But like I said, I don't know if that's just normal!

divingoffthebalcony Mon 10-Nov-14 18:40:42

Sounds like reflux. The vomiting and pain would point towards that.

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