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Constant blocked ducts

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teaandkittens Mon 10-Nov-14 17:44:15

I've been EBF my DD for 16 weeks now and had no problems (apart from normal cracked nipples etc at start) but this last week it's just been awful. My right breast is constantly getting blocked- it's quite easy to unblock by picking off the little milk blobs and hand expressing into the sink. DD is fussy on this breast when it's blocked and it happens every couple of days or so. This was fine as when out if she got fussy I could just use the left breast and sort the right one out when I was home.

Until two days ago.

My left breast got a MASSIVE (like fist sized!) lump just under the armpit and it was agony. Nothing, showers, compresses, massage, picking anything that may possibly be a bleb, worked to clear it. Had hardly any sleep due to it being so sore and feeding off it has been really hard because DD has been super fussy (don't blame her!)

It's clearing up a bit now as I've been constantly working on cgetting rid of it but still feel like I need to have a big explosion...can't for the life of me figure out which "hole" is the problem though!

I don't feel shivery/feverish/ill so it's not mastitis (yet) but I'm aware that it could well develop into it if both boobs continue to keep getting blocked.

What should I do?! I actually just shouted at DD out of frustration of her fussing on both boobs and my inability to feed her properly. I don't want her to hate me! Help?

JackieOLantern Tue 11-Nov-14 02:53:51

The lactation counselor I spoke to about oversupply and engorged breasts told me that soya lecithin supplements can help to thin out the breast milk and reduce the chance of blocked ducts. Am in the US so don't know if it's available in the UK but it might be worth having a look online.

Also, have you tried pumping the right breast off a bit after a feed to drain it more thoroughly? Obviously not too much because you don't want to create oversupply but just a bit to drain some milk off.

teaandkittens Wed 12-Nov-14 11:29:57

Thanks for the reply- I picked up some soya lecithin yesterday so will see how it goes- boobs been a bit better yesterday so feeding's not been as much of a struggle.

Hollycopter Wed 12-Nov-14 11:47:32

Could part of the cause be the bra you're wearing? I noticed I got loads of blocked ducts with one bra in particular. I never had blebs though, just big bumps on the inside and it never cleared with the 'whoosh' that some books describe.

If you feel the current blockage is clearing up a bit that's a good sign. I had a similar one I just couldn't shift and the Dr prescribed me antibiotics as a just in case but it cleared up very gradually.

Do you have a pump? That was a lifesaver for me as I could pump a bit when I felt one starting and it was a bit kinder than my DS on my nipples when trying to clear the blockages.

Inbl00m Fri 14-Nov-14 18:40:54

tea worth getting the lump checked out if you can. I had a similar thing recently and had an ultrasound to see what the lump was. The docs thought it was an abscess as it would clear with massage, feeding, etc., but luckily it was just thickening of tissue.

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