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Why won't she drink???

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Mrspedro Mon 10-Nov-14 13:29:47

Dd is 24wks and iv been weaning her onto some formula which she accepted gratefully.....until last week! Over a week ago she got a low grade temp (38.2) which lasted 24hrs followed by many runny poo's....the nappies continued for quite a few days but her temp returned to normal and her form was great! During this time she was totally turned off the bottle but breastfed a lot. Now however she is back to normal in terms if wet/dirty nappies, again form brilliant but she is still refusing to take the bottle ( or at least more than an Oz) ...she moves the teat to the side of her mouth and let's the milk flow out.... I changed formula, changed teat size, EBM in the bottle and nothing changes.......she's waking for the boob all night, it's like we'r back to newborn stage. I really want some sleep here !!! I know it will pass, but any advice, could it be the teat against sore gums that's the problem??!

Mrspedro Mon 10-Nov-14 13:30:15

Ps- she hasn't started solids yet

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