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What's wrong with my boobs.

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MrsMonkeyBear Sun 09-Nov-14 15:03:48

My dd is now 9 days old and up until 2 days ago bf'd like a dream (bar one night of cluster feeding)

All of a sudden she has become fussy at the boob, takes ages to latch, occasionally chokes, brings up quite a lot and doesn't feed for longer than 10 mins (we would get a good 15-20 mins before)

Any advice or tips. I'm getting very anxious that she's not getting enough (still getting wet nappies which I know is good)

tiktok Sun 09-Nov-14 17:11:59

This is all well within normal, MrsMB. Babies do quite a bit of stop-start learning about breastfeeding in the early guess is your supply has increased and she is struggling a little at the moment to cope with the fast flow. She will get better at it smile

It really does not matter a bit that she takes 10 mins at a time - you can't judge volume of milk taken by looking at the time on the clock. In healthy, thriving term babies, you don't need to do anything but follow the baby's lead. Don't be tempted to be anxious about it.

You can ask the midwife for a visit or at least a telephone call if you want to talk more about it. She will take into account your baby's weight and feeding frequency, and she will almost certainly say all is well.

Babies of this age usually produce several soft yellow poos a day, too, and this along with wet nappies is also a good sign smile

MrsMonkeyBear Sun 09-Nov-14 17:49:11

Thank you.

We are getting a couple of poops a day too.

I'm definitely being an over anxious new mum!!

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