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Baby with sickness bug. Some questions.

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blushingmare Sun 09-Nov-14 06:53:43

DS(6mo) has a vomiting bug hmm

He doesn't want to feed at all. His last feed was at 10 last night and he normally feeds every 2-3 hours, but he didn't feed all night and now not interested in feeding this morning. At what point should I be worried about this? He's had two big vomits this morning, but none overnight. I know they can deteriorate so quickly, but don't want to take him to hospital for no reason if he just needs cuddles and sleep and not being poked and prodded about

I had to pump one side at 5am as was really engorged. Should I pump at his normal feed times to maintain supply, or just pump a bit for comfort as needed? I don't want to pump so much that he has to work hard to get some when he tries to feed, but obviously don't want to have supply problems. Or will my supply be robust enough by now to cope?

Thanks if you can advise.

blushingmare Sun 09-Nov-14 06:58:12

Sorry - an internet glitch made this post twice! See other thread!

ghostvitruvius Sun 09-Nov-14 07:20:41

I would keep offering breastfeeds, little and often is the way to go, and syringe water into his mouth a few mls at a time. I would obviously keep a close eye on him but would only go to the hospital if he seems dehydrated and can't keep anything down.

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