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Will my nipples ever recover?

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Beachmum85 Sat 08-Nov-14 21:37:27

After a horrific 8-month period of bf which included constant cracked, bleeding, sore nipples, mastitis, a huge abscess and months of agony and "feeding through it" (consultant's orders) - which for the record I am so pleased I did, for DD's sake. DD is now 15MO and though I am left scarred by the abscess (physically and mentally), I am generally fit & well again 7 months on.

However, my breasts are hugely deflated which has made my nipples flat and throughout the day seem to go a little inverted in my bra. My nipples also have some scabby (dry milk or dry skin?) bits, which sometimes come off (but I don't want to pick them!) and there are some white patches on the sides of both nipples, in the creases. I assume this is all the aftermath of lactation? But it seems strange so long after bf??

Any experiences/suggestions welcome!!

cdwales Sun 09-Nov-14 12:29:30

Wow you do have stamina and perseverance! Who helped you - La Leche, NCT? BF is a skill and, as with everything else, we are all different! Def take your concerns to a sympathetic GP in case you have something treatable - and chat to someone at NCT as your experience is unusual. Atb

Beachmum85 Sun 09-Nov-14 21:05:27

Not sure I'd call it that cdwales It was an awful time, but also the best of my life with my wonderful DD who I cherish.

My faith in GPs/HVs/so called breastfeeding experts/healthcare in general is diminished tbh. If you're interested my full story is here:

Thanks though smile

fuckwitteryhasform Sun 09-Nov-14 21:11:43

I don't know but I have an inverted nipple too following breastfeeding Dd3 which was a disaster (no issues DD1 and DD2!!) - I think it's the way the nipple healed after it was cracked sad. DD3 is only 12 months but I stopped feeding at 6 weeks and the nipple is still inverted. Can't believe breastfeeding deformed my nipple!!!

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