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Nursing strike! (or self-weaning??)

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sunshine05 Sat 08-Nov-14 13:37:27

My baby is 10 1/2 months old. I usually feed morning and at bedtime and he gets 100-150ml formula in the afternoon. Yesterday he refused the left side in the morning then last night refused both sides. He didn't have any this morning as I was away but when I got back before lunch I offered and he refused again. Is this a nursing strike or self weaning? I looked on the Kelly Mom website and they said self-weaning is rare under 12 months. I have no idea what would have triggered this as nothing out of the ordinary has happened. He could be teething but he's never gone on strike before and he has 8 teeth now. He has had a cold but he's through the worst of it and fed fine when he was in the middle of it earlier in the week.

He eats well, I'm wondering if he's just not that into milk now? He takes formula in a beaker, and I'm worried that even if I go along with the weaning that he won't get much daily as it's not like he'll gulp a bottle down.

I expressed earlier and only got 60ml -which also makes me wonder if my supply is low. I only got 30ml on the FULLER side! (one side always seems/looks fuller). DH said it could be handy and why not just go along with the weaning then we don't have to worry about trying to wean him off in 6 months or so but I don't want to assume he's self weaning if it's only a glitch.

Sunflower1985 Sat 08-Nov-14 21:48:37

My ds had a mini strike brought on by a sore throat. Cleared in a few days.

If I were you I'd encourage feeding (give more frequent access and other kellymom advice). Unless you don't want to.

sunshine05 Sat 08-Nov-14 22:26:54

Thanks sunflower - maybe it is something like sore gums that's triggered it. He's just got over a cold so probably not a sore throat in his case. Every time I offer he just arches away and gets upset. I don't want to force him as it could make it worse.

I'll keep offering but not holding much hope at the moment...sad

sunshine05 Sun 09-Nov-14 20:02:17

anyone else had this problem?? anyone..... It's day 3 and he did feed this morning but refused again tonight sad

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