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Weaning at 4 months

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flowerdew Thu 06-Nov-14 10:33:59

My allergy specialist has told me due to allergy issues in our family (son and DH) I need to wean our baby now at 4 months. I'm not happy about this but will do as he says as 'he's the expert and a prof in this.' He also says I should try out Dd with peanut butter and eggs. She's had a skin prick test and was fine a few weeks do I go about doing this?? I'm nervous as my DH had anaphylactic shock as a baby with eggs. Thought I could put a bit on dd face/lips slowly then gradually give tiny tiny amounts.
Any tips or advice?
Please don't make me feel paranoid about this!!
Thank you X
So far have tried with sweet pot and today baby rice. She is breast fed and dairy intolerant.

ghostvitruvius Thu 06-Nov-14 13:39:13

Could you ask to introduce things like eggs actually at a clinic?

tiktok Thu 06-Nov-14 13:48:18

This is controversial - there is a study taking place at the moment (the EAT study - you can google it) which aims to answer the question of earlier solids protecting against allergy. There is not a consensus on it!

As you are worried, you need to ask the specialist how to introduce these foods. There will be a nurse attached to the clinic. Just phone and ask smile

SeptemberBabies Thu 06-Nov-14 13:48:49

Not sure why allergies might be reason to wean early?

As PP mentioned, potentially dangerous substances should be introduced whilst physically at the clinic. Not at home.

flowerdew Thu 06-Nov-14 13:51:27

He the prof is adamant I do it and the sooner the better
he said it's v easy just put some on a spoon with baby rice or banana and feed her! I just feel a bit un easy about it.
Thanks will look up EAT.

flowerdew Thu 06-Nov-14 13:52:39

Apparently there is a window of opportunity 4-5mths and I'm breastfeeding so this should protect her....

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