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Cluster feeds = sick

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Bunnymustgo Tue 04-Nov-14 20:26:48

What is 'normal' when it comes to bring up feeds?

My DS is 6 weeks and for the past few weeks has brought up full feeds at least once a day. Is this normal? He's EBF and I work hard to always wind him. He's fussy in the evenings becasue he wants to feed (cluster feeding?) he has a lot between 4pm and 7pm but brings up this feed (very disheartening when feeding for so long). Is it normal. How can I prevent the sick or do I just go with it as normal? Want to encourage the cluster feeding to help sleep but am I over feeding ?

Lweji Tue 04-Nov-14 22:17:27

Is he in any discomfort, as far as you can tell?
DS used to let out milk very easily, but was otherwise fine. I think his stomach just got full.
The fuss in the evenings is also normal, it's often called colic as some babies seem irritable. It's the end of the day and they are tired. So, it may not be hunger, but just the need to settle because the breast is a source of comfort as well as food for babies.

RuthPJ14 Wed 05-Nov-14 16:02:54

My daughter is just 2 weeks so it's very much trial and error but I've found - by sticking my little finger in her mouth - that she doesn't always want food at that time even though she looks hungry. We're now trying to use a pacifier at that time which helps her last longer between feeds. I've also heard that is the 'witching hour' when it's hard to sooth them at this age and they grow out of it. Maybe if your DS bringing up his feeds it's a sign it's too much for him? Worth asking next time you're at the clinic. I feel for you - it's knackering and frustrating when you feel you can't calm them down. Good luck! ️Xx

Bunnymustgo Wed 05-Nov-14 17:36:50

Thanks for the replies. He doesn't seem in pain. Health visitor said it's normal whilst tummy is so small. Let's see what tonight has in store for us

mangofizz Wed 05-Nov-14 19:30:44

Yes sounds normal, probably not full feeds either, it looks a lot when it comes back up! Hopefully it will settle down soon

I wouldn't use a pacifier at 2 weeks (as previous poster suggested) all this cluster feeding is supply building and using a dummy very early on can interfere with this and also make you miss hunger cues, you shouldn't be trying to get her to 'go longer' at 2 weeks. There's definitely a place for a dummy if you want to use one, but not until later

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