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Using formula

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rockdiva Mon 03-Nov-14 21:51:00

Hi, i just wondered if anyone else had had the same thoughts as me and if there is a down side to it. I have been exclusively breastfeeding DS and he is now 24 weeks. I've always wanted to get him on a bottle so i can leave him with someone. Anyway we tried the bottle with no success but i have just got him to take a bit of formula out of a spouted cup smile i was expressing but it was taking me sooo long to get very little (don't seem to produce excessive amounts) and then we ended up throwing alot away sad Anyway, is there anything wrong with giving him a formula feed (presuming he'll take it all) and expressing that feed so i then have a feed in hand? if that makes sense!!!?? Any advice is gratefully appreciated...

Pointlessfan Mon 03-Nov-14 21:53:22

That would be fine but it might be easier to just use the formula feed when you want to go out and leave your baby with someone.

hubbahubster Tue 04-Nov-14 09:01:32

There's not anything wrong with formula. And after BF so so long, the odd FF shouldn't impact supply (if he'll take it). Is your issue that you're feeling bad about giving him formula?

fionnthedog Tue 04-Nov-14 09:12:54

Hello. Ds is 28 weeks and was ebf until weaning at 24 weeks. I have just in the last week introduced one ff and am currently expressing a bit after he's had the bottle in order to stop myself getting engorged. I am returning to work shortly so need to turn all day feeds into ff but hope to carry on bf early morning and bedtime. So far my supply has not been affected adversely despite expressing much less than he would take if he fed (I'm expressing around 2oz just to be comfortable). But it is early days!! Tbh, having ebf this long I am not too bothered if I end up completely stopping bf at this point.

Not sure if this helps - more in solidarity than anything else!

Pointlessfan Tue 04-Nov-14 09:17:58

fion that's what I need to do but I always end up feeding her to sleep to get her to nap!
I was just going to add that DD wasn't that impressed with formula and refused to take it even though she has had a bottle of ebm for months. I am now mixing formula with ebm and gradually changing the quantities in the hope she won't notice!

fionnthedog Tue 04-Nov-14 12:48:59

I perhaps should add that like pointless I have also had to mix ebm and formula in the bottle to encourage him to drink it! He's now happily having formula after just a few days.

Pointlessfan Tue 04-Nov-14 13:02:58

I'm pleased to hear that! DD was not impressed with the bottle of formula we gave her at the weekend. She is fine if it is mixed half and half.

mrsmugoo Tue 04-Nov-14 15:29:58

My DS is 8 months now and has always refused bottles so was EBF by default!

I was so worried about returning to work but literally the week before his nursery settling in sessions started, he started to accept formula from an avent soft spout sippy cup.

He's now been in nursery a week - we do two feeds at either end of the day and he will drink a 200ml bottle of aptamil during the day in addition to water and solids and seems quite happy with the arrangement.

rockdiva Wed 05-Nov-14 00:56:24

Thanks everyone for your replies and advice. I'd never thought about mixing breast milk and formula, thats a great idea. It's just great to know that others are doing and going through the same, thanks for your support. Someone had said about them getting confused and rejecting the breast but i've not heard of this happening from anyone yet so thats positive. We haven't tried it yet as DH is away all week but i shall do soon and stop over thinkng it.....

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