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silent reflux?cows milk allergy??

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kelaleahx Mon 03-Nov-14 18:20:53

Hi my baby is nearly 12 weeks old she has been diagnosed with silent reflux since about 2 weeks old she very rarely brings up mill but was always miserable and arching back etc Gaviscon didn't work she's on carobel and she has now been prescribed losec mups as all she does is cry when she's laying down she stretches her head one way and twist her back round in agony took her to out of hours as was too much one night but no one will give me an app to see peadiatricion , I never leave doctors with her but they just keep giving her different things to try, was prescribed nutramigen as she has eczema all down her we body refused that along with the nutramigen aa , I know I'm rambling but just wondering if anyone has any advice???? Just don't know what to do with her feel so nad looking at her she is so pleasant at times but something is bothering her ??? Does it sound like cows milk allergy or just silent reflux, really hate the thought of changing her milk again and upsetting her more ??

kelaleahx Mon 03-Nov-14 18:23:05

O and she is now starting to refuse her feeds, was taking around 6 onz and now I struggle to get 3 sometimes 4 into her

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