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I've broken a boob!

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Feelingverysleepy Sat 01-Nov-14 10:57:38

DS, 8 months, started to be very easily distracted during BF - especially when something more interesting going on (so usually in public leaving me flashing!!). He latched & settled onto the left side much more easily, and although I always offer both, he only ever fed properly from the left. I'm now all lopsided!!!! Sat here trying to express from right - but nothing doing. Could I have dried up on one side? Feeling v silly letting it get this far, but when I was desperate to settle him/ get some milk into him I just went for the easy option. Any advice / experience! Could I just work with the one?!

RedKites Sat 01-Nov-14 22:41:35

It is certainly possible to only feed from one side, some women do, and others ebf twins. Having said that, what you can express does not reflect supply - many women find it harder to express as their babies get older, so you may well still have some milk on the right side. If you would prefer to feed one sided, then you certainly can, but perhaps keep an eye on the right hand side to make sure you don't get engorged. If you want to try and keep feeding on both sides, you could perhaps try offering that side first at times when your DS is more receptive to feeding (maybe in the evening or at night?). Some women also have success in getting their babies to feed off the non-preferred side if they feed in different positions. Lastly, I just wanted to say, if when settling/feeding him you found he would only really feed from one side, feeding him from that one side seems very sensible to me, so IMO you don't need to feel silly!

Feelingverysleepy Sun 02-Nov-14 17:39:29

Thank you so much - this is really reassuring. I really appreciate your help. I'll keep offering the right - as you say, will prob have more luck at night in the dark. Thanks again.

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