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Reverse cycling 6 month old - tips to get back to a 'normal' feeding pattern.

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BendyMum15 Sat 01-Nov-14 10:02:55

Hi MN hope you can help!
Am currently breastfeeding my second DC after successfully breastfeeding DS until he weaned at 18 months due to me being ill.
DD has always been more difficult im comparison - eg DS had a good routine and was easy to read his feeding cues whereas DD is a bit all over the place.
It wasn't a problem until about 3 months ago when she started waking more at night. I just fed her as I believe in feeding at night wakings (although sometimes she does go back to sleep as I carry her back to my bed or if hubby goes to get her). However she now seems to be reverse cycling and feeds every 2 hours at night and hardly at all in the day.
I offer her the breast at various times throughout the day to try and get her to eat more in the day and less at night (am not expecting her to sleep through btw. Sometimes she refuses point blank and others she will have a bit but literally enough to stop her feeling hungry and not a full feed.
She is very nosey and easily distracted when she does finally decide to feed.
3 months of this is beginning to take its toll and I have a 3 yr old to run about after who also gets me up at night too to help get is duvet straight/bad dreams/pins and needles etc....
Any tips on getting her to reverse the reverse cycling and go back to eating in the day.
Oh and if its relevant we have introduced solids.

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