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Breastfeed issue

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Alfrentan Sat 01-Nov-14 08:02:12

Btw, I'm using medela swing single electric pump and my baby girl is 5 week now. I'm fully breastfeed from her birth until now. My concern is
1) pump out breast milk takes bout 50min on both side to fill 3oz ( after 2.5hour from last nursing) I though usual only 15 to 30min ?how to shorten length with same amount output ?

2) left breast seem easy to pump n can get 3oz alone at 20min where left breast like tiny drop n hardly fill 2oz by 30min ? I thinking to get medela harmony manual pump to solve this

3) nipple swelling to 3 times size after pump, get bk to normal after around 30min, it's normal ? It's will damage my nipple ? And will it be in balance size after return to its normal size

4) baby seem hungry after 1 hour nursing and cry for more. She even finish 3oz right after nurse, it's she not getting enough from my breast milk ? I heard bout growth spurts, but the condition already longer than a week, ( my poor baby now left with dark eye circle due to not enough sleep )

5) I breast feed my baby nearly bout 15min to 25min average every 1 hour during her awake n 2.5 hour to 3.5 hour during her sleep ? Y baby hungry every 1 hour, it's I'm not enough milk ? Now I'm thinking of mix 1 to 2 feed with formula as my baby seem hungry all the time. My nipple hurt too as nursing cycle n long period

6) how to pump extra milk for storage as I will b bk to work in 3 week time, and need to make sure she benefit from breast milk as I'm nursing her very often ? I try pump during breastfeed early morning, but just manage to keep 1 extra bottle a day.

Need urgent advise from experience mama n expertise n welcome whichever mama on same boat like me to share


porcito Sun 02-Nov-14 00:24:06

I don't know much as my baby is only 5 weeks too but didn't want your post to go without answers.

My baby also feeds very regularly like yours. She was born very small and the doctor said she is just growing right now but it will start to slow down in the next month. I don't think you need to supplement, just keep feeding her when she wants and soon she will hwve longer between feeds.

I have expressed a couple of times, usually after a feed to start with. When I go back to work I'll express when I usually would be feeding her.

Sorry I can't help more!

EmbarrassedPossessed Sun 02-Nov-14 01:23:12

I think it would be a good idea to access some real life support with this. It's really difficult for non-experts over the Internet to give you helpful advice. Could you access a lactation consultant eg via the International Lactation Consultant website?

Having said that, to a non expert like me, it sounds like your baby might be having trouble with transferring milk effectively. Feeding every 1 hour in the day is not going to be sustainable for you. Has anyone checked her for tongue tie and/or lip tie? Has her latch been checked, especially if you are having sore nipples?

Alfrentan Sun 02-Nov-14 03:52:55

She born nearly 3kg, doc say her weight gain not acceptable. Coz breastfeed can't measure her total consumption, therefore
I'm pumping it out to feed her in a bottle now with 3oz with min 8 times a days.
She born with tongue tie, and had her surgery during day 10 of life. I have try to do whatever I could .......

Thanks you guys for the comments

amy83firsttimer Sun 02-Nov-14 03:58:01

I'd have her tongue tie checked again - they can regrow. A friend has had her baby's snipped 3 times!

Alfrentan Wed 05-Nov-14 08:02:08

It's sound horrible Amy, snipped tongue tie 3 times !!!!!
Thanks for the info

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