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antibiotics: when can I re-start breastfeeding...?

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mamadoak Sat 01-Nov-14 07:59:43


I landed myself in hospital with a uterine infection when my daughter was 4 1/2 weeks old and ended up on anti-biotics that I could't breastfeed with. Before then my daughter and I were very much enjoying breastfeeding. I've been expressing (limited success as infection seems to have affected milk supply a bit) but am anxious to try to re-start, even if i can't manage all feeds. I figured the sooner I try the better the chance of success, but how long will it take for the anti-biotics to leave my system?


howtodrainyourflagon Sat 01-Nov-14 08:03:19

Kellymom is a fantastic source of advice on this (can't remember the url but you'll find it by googling Kellymom). The sooner the better in terms of getting your supply back. I hope it works out okay for you. flowers

addictedtosugar Sat 01-Nov-14 08:08:49

I'd contact the breastfeeding network drugs line . They are the experts on taking prescription drugs while feeding, and will be able to tell you when it will be OK for baby.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 03-Nov-14 21:14:21

This document talks you through all the antibiotics. Which antibiotic was it? Only the three at the end are problematic with breastfeeding.

leedy Mon 03-Nov-14 22:45:48

Was just going to post the same link as Cockney and recommend that you talk to the BFN helpline for specific information. I had a couple of years of bad chest infections and so have, at this stage, BF on nearly All The Antibiotics, including moxifloxacin which is one of the higher risk ones (though at that stage I was only BF a two year old twice a day, doctor consulted with Thomas Hale and he said to go for it), I think the only really bad ones are the ones used for MRSA (which I do hope for your sake you didn't have).

Hopefully the BFN people will give you some reliable advice and you can get back feeding again ASAP.

HamAndPlaques Tue 04-Nov-14 14:42:55

Excellent advice here. I had a succession of infections after DD's birth and continued to feed on a cocktail of cefalexin and metronidazole. If the metronidazole did change the taste of my milk then DD didn't seem to notice!

SeptemberBabies Tue 04-Nov-14 14:58:03

Just to add, my DD is 5 1/2 weeks old and I have been on antibiotics for four of those weeks - One week of that was in hospital with IV antibiotics when DD was 1 to 2 weeks old.

Not once did anyone suggest that I stopped breastfeeding. I've just been given antibiotics that I can breastfeed with.

There is the suggestion that if the current week's oral antibiotics don't work then I will be re-admitted to hospital again for IV. With DD. Again, no one has suggested I stop breastfeeding.

I mention this because I would be upset if I was you and was told I had to stop feeding.

Certainly you should be given support to express your breastmilk (and throw it away) if there is no option on choice of antibiotic.

mamadoak Tue 04-Nov-14 20:47:36


Thanks all for your great advice! Just to say I am now back to breastfeeding... well, starting to try but it looks promising!

SeptemberBabies I feel your pain! I was in and out of hospital too and found it very hard with such a young baby but with hindsight I'm glad I had IV treatment as it beat off a nasty, spreading infection a lot quicker. I ended up on anti-biotics unsuitable for breastfeeding because I had allergic reactions to all the others - not fun! Hope you are better soon smile

leedy Tue 04-Nov-14 23:13:15

Hoorah, glad to hear you are both better and back feeding again! Lots of direct feeding should get your supply back up again.

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