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8mo has started biting. Any tips?

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Catsize Fri 31-Oct-14 22:19:54

She will feed okay then... CLAMP. And my goodness it hurts. She has a tooth. I yelp and try to break the seal. She grins. I try not to react, in case this is the game, but struggle not to. Starting to dread feeds. Any tips? Thanks.

ohhhhpieceofcandy Fri 31-Oct-14 22:25:13

I find it better to react - I have made a fair bit of noise when my 8 month old has bitten me and I think it's given her a little shock. The most effective thing I've found though is to take her off immediately and then wait 5 minutes before letting her back on. If you're really consistent with it she'll soon learn that biting means no boob!

swampster Fri 31-Oct-14 22:25:55

Yes! Instead of pushing her away, draw her in. Get her nose pressed to your breast. You can't bite it you have to breathe through your mouth because your nose is blocked by a bosom. It is hard to do but it works.

Catsize Sat 01-Nov-14 09:44:49

Thank you. I did wonder about pinching her nose but this seemed mean (I know, irrational...). And I close the milk bar for a while if she bites. Hopefully it is a short - very short! - phase.

boopdoop Sat 01-Nov-14 10:40:26

My DS had 6 teeth by 6 months and I really struggled with this. I found he would bite more at night when he was tired so I had to stop feeding to sleep. It coincided with stopping co sleeping, going into his own cot etc so all of one big change, but I couldn't contine as I was cause I was just in do much pain every feed.

I did react, if he bit really hard (once drew blood) then an "ouch, no" quite firmly, and then stopped feeding for a few mins. He would cry, but did learn. I didn't like doing this as I hated him being upset when he wasn't doing it on purpose, but only had to do it a few times, and it did make a difference.

I also got him to learn "gentle, gentle"... Each time he started I'd start saying it, and gradually he started to change how he was feeding when I said it.

6 weeks later and I haven't been bitten for weeks, so it definitely improved! I can now feed to sleep again if I need, and feeding is an altogether happier experience again.

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