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Advice/experience please!

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startrek90 Fri 31-Oct-14 17:52:03

I have a 1 month DS. He was 5 weeks premature and so have been expressing my milk for him as he was too weak to latch n and he really struggled to stay awake whilst feeding. Since I moved to expressing he ate really well and has gained loads of weight.

This week he was measured by the midwife and he has gained 400g in a week. She says this is too much and I have been overfeeding him. I just feed on demand. She said that now he is bigger to put him on the breast and faze out the bottles. Trouble is I have no idea what I am doing. My baby seems to grizzle and grunt so much and its a real fight to feed him. Its also difficult as now my DH can't help with the feeds anymore so I am exhausted as I am up all the time and I can't get any proper sleep.

Would it damage my milk if I went back to mix feeding- both breast and bottle? Anybody with experience doing it? I am the only person to have bf in my family so my mum can't help.

nikilavin Fri 31-Oct-14 20:00:14


It used to be a nightmare feeding my DS as he did the same. Got him checked for thrush and everything but GP said he's fine. He wriggles so much now but feeding got better. It could sometimes be the position they're in. Or he might be gassy. They tend to swallow air when theyre latched on the breast. My DS is very gassy and it is also one of the reason why he wriggles so much. He sometimes pulls away crying.

I am currently bf and bottle feeding and it seems to work fine. I was told to express every 3 to 4 hours to keep up the milk supply. Been doing that for a while now and it seems fine.

Hope this helped.

All the best :-)

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