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How to wean from breast to formula

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gizmosmama Thu 30-Oct-14 18:52:06

We've decided the time is right to stop breastfeeding but not sure how to do it. LO has never had a bottle and has water from a Doidy cup so my first question is... What do I give him formula out of?
Second question is... What formula to go for? I've heard a lot if people saying follow on milk is just a marketing scam and first milk is just as good but since we've not used first milk we may as well go with follow on right?
Last question... How quickly do you change? Do I just switch all of a sudden or wean gradually? If gradually, is there a programme?
LO is 9 months old next week and the only feed he always has is his bedtime one. He occasionally has a 11am-ish one and/or a 3pm-ish one but only now and again. I sometimes feed him during the night but he doesn't really feed, just comforts - it's me being lazy at getting him back to sleep really! I'll miss the power of the boob!
Anyone who's done the wean off I'd be glad of any help. Also anyone who can recommend a brand or type etc.

coconut0 Thu 30-Oct-14 19:46:26

When DD was 6 months I went straight from breast to bottle with formula (don't remember which one). To stop me being in pain and to stop my milk flow I just expressed off a tiny amount when I felt uncomfortable or full to bursting. It dried up in just a few days. DD took to a brittle easily, but she had no other choice as I'd made up my mind to stop! Good luck x

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