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Comfort milk

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jilljill2891 Thu 30-Oct-14 08:59:23

Has anyone used the Cow & Gate comfort milk?

After using Infacol, gaviscon and anti colic bottles our HV suggested this milk. I started yesterday and he was like a different baby immediately! I'm slightly worried that he was just having a good day though!

Before using it when he was awake (most of the time - he very rarely slept during the day) he was either eating or crying or screaming. He was feeding anywhere between 1.5 hrs-3 hrs although still going a bit longer at night time. The screaming was worse in the evening and nothing was comforting him which is why we thought he had colic.

Yesterday after starting on the comfort milk he was the most contented little boy ever! He had his daytime naps, ate every four hours, slept from 9pm-3.30am after his bottle and there was very little crying.

Even now he's happily sitting in his bouncer whereas he would've been crying a couple of days ago.

Has anyone else used this milk and has it had this effect? And this effect so quickly? It's magic if it has worked! I'm still thinking this good mood will end at any moment...

Is comfort milk thicker than the cow and gate stage 1 milk? I'm wondering if he was just hungry and that was the reason for all the crying.

Hmmm....any other experiences would be good. Thanks!

Latina29 Thu 30-Oct-14 17:21:04

Hello there! we used first the cow and gate stage 1 milk but she was crying long periods everyday, so we changed it for the cow and gate confort milk but it did not make a big difference, so we started to use Aptamil confort milk and DD was really better smile
I think every child is different and maybe the cow and gate confort milk is the appropriate one for your baby.

bananapickle84 Thu 30-Oct-14 19:44:31

It can have this positive effect as it is supposed to relieve the symptoms of colic. It is thicker too so can satisfy babies easier but like all things isn't guaranteed. Oh and be prepared for green poo from now on as that is also what comfort milk does!
It works great for my DS as he was constipated and struggling with wind.
Hope it continues for you :-)

jilljill2891 Thu 30-Oct-14 23:26:52

Well it's still working...except when I went out for a few hours tonight and DS was left with DH. Screamed for a couple of hours. I come home, he's fine, gurgling away and looking like butter wouldn't melt!! He's only 5 weeks old and DH has just been away for a week (work) so I wonder if it was a security thing. My poor DH he was so frazzled.

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