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Spot (?) on nipple

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RedRose27 Thu 23-Oct-14 09:46:34

I am EBF 16 week old DD. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a small white area on one nipple. It's not raised, no head on it and is part of the skin if that makes sense, like the skin has changed colour. Anyway, no pain or discomfort or anything so I ignored it.

Since yesterday there is also a little spot right on the tip of my nipple, a bit like a little blister. It's not the same area that is white. It's now giving me pain. Not unbearable and I can still feed as it's right on the tip of the nipple, so I don't think DD touches it when she is feeding.

I've just tried gently squeezing in the shower, and nothing happened, but I don't want to make it sorer.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

LittleBallOfFur Thu 23-Oct-14 09:53:13

It might be a milk blister?

I had one with DS2 and it was quite painful!

bakingtins Thu 23-Oct-14 09:55:16

Sounds like a milk blister, caused by a duct becoming plugged or skin sealed over it. Can also be due to thrush so combined with your white patch I'd be suspicious of this. Lots of info if you search

bakingtins Thu 23-Oct-14 09:56:25

Sorry x posted!

RedRose27 Thu 23-Oct-14 10:08:55

Thanks ladies x

squizita Fri 24-Oct-14 04:06:52

Yeah sounds like what I had. I used hot showers and was advised to express into hot water by this board. I also used a hot water bottle before feeding/squeezing. Cleared it up. Hope its the same for you.

RedRose27 Fri 24-Oct-14 07:18:02

This morning I'm in more pain and have just checked and the blister is now black/purple like there is blood in it.

Should I make an appointment to see the GP?

squizita Fri 24-Oct-14 18:18:39

You could. Basically it's clogged milk and blood. S/he might lance it with a sterile needle. Many people try heating the area and squeezing like a zit! Or even picking it with a sterile needle. The Dr may be able to help with pain relief more too though.

RedRose27 Fri 24-Oct-14 19:06:09

Thanks squizita. I did go to GP as was worried about it getting worse over weekend and not being able to feed on that side.

She didn't want to lance it incase it bled badly, and gave me a prescription for antibiotics in case it appeared to become infected over the weekend. She said pain was due to the pressure.

But when I got home DH stuck a sterile needle in it for me (how a baby changes your marriage hey!) and I did get some thick blood and what looked like milk out. Feels much better now and am feeding on it at the moment smile

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