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Doidy cup

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Peppa87 Tue 02-Sep-14 21:35:46

Has anybody had any success teaching a baby around 8-9 months to use one? I have just ordered one as a last resort.

My baby will not take to a sippy cup, I have tried a whole range of brands, different styles, non spill, free flow etc but she can't get the hang of it. She has been bottle fed from birth with no issues.

In addition, has anybody got any advice on how to teach her to take a sippy cup?

leedy Wed 03-Sep-14 11:11:28

DS1 got the hang of a Doidy cup at 4.5 months, I just held it up to his mouth for him and tipped it gently. Bit messy at first but he caught on quickly.

LissieD Wed 03-Sep-14 11:15:52

Dd always makes a mess with the doidy cup. Always always tips the contents all over herself. I just kept offering her the sippy cup constantly and eventually, after several months, she just started drinking from it. Just took time. Boringly. Your dd will get there.

leedy Wed 03-Sep-14 11:26:48

I did find once DS mastered the Doidy it seemed to help him move on to a sippy - the Nuk "trainer cup" was a success, after which I think he'd have drunk milk/water out of anything.

DinoSnores Thu 04-Sep-14 23:10:29

My DC have both managed a Doidy cup with help from a few months old (it meant I could be away for a couple of hours and leave EBM) and have managed pretty independently from about 12 months.

I've never bothered with a sippy cup and have just used the Doidy cup and then normal open cups.

Laquila Thu 04-Sep-14 23:15:11

My one-year old can just about drink from a Doidy cup with help now but was hopeless until a couple of months ago, and would still be hopeless now if left to do it on his own! He's quite good now with a straw cup and the TT free flow cup, but it did take a lot of perseverance and patience, and he's always been good with fine motor skills - just took him a while to get the point of a cup! (He was ebf til 7 mths though)

MissRatty Fri 05-Sep-14 01:43:16

We have been using the doidy since about 4mo, and LO is a very effective drinker from it and other open cups at 9mo. We have to hold it for him though or it would get tipped everywhere!

missbluebird Fri 05-Sep-14 02:14:55

We had a session this week with a specialist feeding speech therapist and a doidy cup. Her tips were to start with very little liquid in the cup, otherwise they get too much in their mouth and it can put them off. Make sure the lid of cup is against their bottom lip but under their tongue so they can lap it, then gently tip...

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