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Nursery, expressing, all the rest...

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callamia Mon 01-Sep-14 22:26:52

I've been reading other threads on this with interest, and I've been largely reassured, but I wonder if I could have the benefit of your experiences and thoughts?

My ten and half month old is just about to start nursery. He eats pretty well (although he's teething again at present), and he generally has four milk feeds a day and some during the night. At least two of these day feeds are pretty short, and happen just before a nap, so I think they are snooze-related, rather than really hungry. We'll work on the night-time feeding soon - that's a future thread.

I'm planning on sending him with just one bottle of expressed milk per day (about 4oz). The reasons for this are: this is about all I can keep up with expressing, and I just don't think that he needs any more than this when he will be fed morning, evening and night. The idea is that he can have some milk before nap-time. I'm loathe to start getting him used to formula when he's almost one, and I'd prefer to move straight on to cows milk during the day as additional to ebm.

Does this sound reasonable? Am I being way too precious and neurotic? I'm pretty sure that he's not about to starve (although he will need to improve his water intake instead).

leedy Tue 02-Sep-14 14:26:10

Sounds entirely reasonable, that's pretty much what I sent in with both my DS when they started nursery and they were fine with it.

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